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These are the next team of Power Rangers. They are called the Hurricangers.
Their power is based on the power and skill of ninja. This japanese series
will be seen over in the US in February of 2003. The title has been semi-
confirmed to be Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

There are two groups of Rangers. The first of which contains the three
primary colors. This I like, the Blue Ranger is a girl this time. There
won't be much Saban can do to change this. The second team of Rangers that
will come along will be rivals to the first. They are Violet and Crimson,
modified colors of blue and red. Each of the Ninja Storm Rangers have their
own ninja style. 1st Team:

Here are the japanese idenities of the first three Rangers. I like the
jackets, yet they look like a combination of Gao Rangers' (japanese Wild
Force) and Go Go Five's (japanese Lightspeed Rescue).

Yellow Ranger
Ground Style
Blue Ranger
Water Style
Red Ranger
Wind Style 2nd Team:

Here are the japanese identities of the Shadow Storm Rangers. They are from
the Ninja Storm Rangers rival school. They show up early in the season and
join the Jakanja.

Violet Ranger
Forest Style
Crimson Ranger
Shadow Style

Coming soon... Here are some more pictures of the evil Shadow Storm Rangers
that will face off against the Ninja Storm Rangers before they join the team.

The Ninja Storm Rangers are each equipped with a sword on their backs. These
swords are called the Hyate Circles. They each are also equipped with a
blaster like weapon that transforms into their indivisual weapons.

The Ninja Storm's blasters can each transform into their own weapons. Their
indivisual weapons are; Yellow: the Quick Hammer, Blue: the Sonic Megaphone,
and Red: the Dry Gun.

The Quick Hammer, the Sonic Megaphone, and the Dry Gun combine to create the
Triple Gadget. The Triple Gadget appears to have amazing fire power.

These are the Violet and Crimson Ranger's weapons. They combine to create
the Double Gadget.

This is the Hurricane Gyro, their morphing device. They each have their own
Shinobi Medals.

We'll just call this the Beetle Bonder. They are what the Shadow Storm
Rangers use to morph. As you can see, they hold their Shinobi Medals.

The Rangers will have gliders called the Hurricane Wingers, which they use
to fly through the sky.

The Shadow Storm Rangers each have the lightning fast Beetle Bikes.

Here are the Ninja Storm Zords. Check them out!!

Yellow - Lion Blue - Dolphin Red - Hawk

Lion + Dolphin + Hawk = Whirlwind God

The Ninja Storm Megazord is currently being refered to as the Whirlwind God.
The Whirlwind God can also transform into Harrier Mode, which a slimmer,
faster version. As it's refered to as "Hurry Up", it only lasts 60 seconds,
then it bloats back to normal size. The Whirlwind God is also equipped with
three magical Power Balls that release the Sword, Slasher, the Goat Crusher,
and the Tortoise Hammer.

Power Ball #01: Owned by Red; posesses the Sword Slasher.
Power Ball #02: Owned by Yellow; posesses the Goat Crusher.
Power Ball #03: Owned by Blue; posesses the Tortoise Hammer.

Power Ball #05: owned by Yellow; posesses the Lion Gatling. Power Ball #06: owned by Blue; posesses the Squid Attacker.

Violet - Stag Beetle Crimson - Rhino Beetle

Stag Beetle + Rhino Beetle = Thunder God

The Thunder God is the Shadow Storm Rangers Megazord. The Thunder God is
equipped with a Power Ball that trasforms into the Plant Axe.

Power Ball #04: owned by Crimson; posesses the Plant Axe.

Whirlwind God + Thunder God = Typhoon God

The Typhoon God is created from the Whirlwind God and Thunder God uniting
into one. This is done by using two magical Power Balls that unleash the
Wind Thunder, a powerful little robot that can allow the two Megazords to
combine into one by becoming its armor.

Power Balls #07&08: Releases the Wind Thunder.

Mugensai Hinata on the left is the Hurricangers' boss. He has the ability to
transform into a cute little fuzzy hamster. Oboro Hinata on the right is
Mugensai's daughter. She designs the Hurricangers' weapons.

The Jakanja are a ninja force from the stars. Their parasitic boss is known
as Shuryou Tau Zanto, who is a giant centipede.

These three are titled as Uenin. The first of which is Manmaruba, who is in
charge of planning and foreseeing operations. The next is Chuuzubo, who is
in charge of the biological ninja corps. The third is Sargain, who is in
charge of the mecha ninja corps.

These are the two villianesses of the group. From left to right, they are
Furabiijou and Windenu.

Windenu has a stamp book that she uses to activate the Copy Giant, that
becomes whatever Jakanja was destroyed.

The faceless minions are known as the Kenin Magerappa.

The Parasitic Fortress is a castle where the Jakanja reside in outer space.