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This is the Lunar Ranger. His story begins with him being possesed by the
Mask of Zenaku. He is equipped with the Lunar Cue and his Power Animals are
the Wolf, the Hammerhead Shark, and the Alligator Wildzords. He is also
refered to as the Sparkling Wolf and the Lunar Wolf Ranger.

The Story of the Lunar Ranger: Three thousand years ago, there was another
Wild Force team. The Lunar Ranger put on the legendary mask of Zenaku, which
transformed him into the evil Zenaku. Eventually, he remembers who he is and
joins the other Power Rangers.

Sparkling Wolf and his mentor AquillaSparkling Wolf tries on the mask of ZenakuZenaku and the ancient Gaoranger teamZenaku vows loyalty to Nayzor
Nayzor tries to destroy Sparkling Wolf for betraying himSparkling Wolf gets ready to morphSparkling Wolf returns to the GaorangersLunar Ranger attacks with his Lunar Cue
Lunar Ranger leaps into actionLunar Ranger fights along side the Power RangersLunar Ranger destroys an OrgLunar Ranger rides into action on his Savage Cycle
Lunar Ranger attacks with his Lunar CueLunar Ranger running into actionLunar Ranger revs up his Savage CycleLunar Ranger being choked by Nayzor


Merrick was possessed by the evil spirit of Zenaku three thousand years ago.
He is protected by the Wolf Wildzord and becomes the Lunar Ranger.