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The Wild story continues...

Soul Bird Salvation (03/30/02)

Jindrax and Toxica sense an all powerful Org in the train yard. This Org
turns out to be Retinax, one of the fallen generals and Master Org's former
body guard. Retinax has roamed the Earth in exile ever since the war, but
now he must prove himself by defeating the Power Rangers. Princess Shayla
alerts the Rangers to Retinax's attack on the city. He is said to be the
most powerful Org they've ever encountered. Jindrax and Toxica bring Freezer
Org to help Retinax destroy the Rangers. Retinax proves himself powerful,
with the assistence of Freezer Org. Freezer Org tries to freeze the Rangers,
but they are able to defeat him. The Red Ranger uses the Lion Blaster to
destroy him. Toxica uses her magic seeds to make the Org grow. The Wild
Force Rangers summon their Wildzords to assemble the Wild Force Kongazord.
The Wild Force Kongazord is powerful, but Freezer Org sacrifices itself to
freeze the Kongazord solid. That's not all, their crystals and Growl Phones
are also frozen. The Rangers fall from the cockpit unmorphed. Retinax,
Jindrax, and Toxica are ready to destroy the defenseless Rangers. Meanwhile
on the Animarium, Princess Shaya senses the Soul Bird is ready to hatch. She
brings it to help the Rangers just in time. The Soul Bird sends off a high
pitch sound that renders the Org weak. Just then, their Growl Phones and all
of their weapons are thawed. The Rangers use them to morph and take down
Jindrax and Toxica. The Red Ranger uses the Lion Blater again to defeat
Retinax. Retinax grows to become giant sized to finally prove himself worthy.
Just then, the Soul Bird hatches from the egg and shows off its beautiful
flight in the sky. Shayla alerts the Rangers that the Soul Bird must unite
with the Lion to heal it. The Wild Force Rangers assemble the Wild Force
Megazord and the Soul Bird becomes the new cockpit. Within the cockpit, the
Rangers use the Soul Bird's Soul Cannon to enhance the Mega Roar and destroy
Retinax once and for all. Or so they think. Cole is very happy to have the
Lion back to full stregnth. Meanwhile, the thought to be dead Retinax
emerges from fallen rocks. Just then, Master Org appears, but Retinax
notices immediately that it is not his master. Without a word, Master Org
uses his staff to destroy Retinax. He walks away to seal his secret.
Perhaps we will some day find out what it is. Org: Freezer Org

Curse Of The Wolf (04/06/02)

Master Org searches for a way to destroy the Rangers, by summoning Nayzor,
one of the fallen generals from the Nexus. Once Nayzor is awaken, he takes
out a plan of his own by finding an old comrad in the graveyard. Meanwhile,
Jindrax and Toxica gather the help of Vacuum Cleaner Org, who has just risen
up. The Wild Force Rangers show up to do battle against him with the Jungle
Sword. It eventually takes the Wild Force Megazord (Sword & Shield Mode) to
destroy him. Meanwhile, General Nayzor is releasing an evil Duke Org, known
as Zenaku from 3,000 years of imprisonment. The Wild Force Rangers show up
to fight this new foe, but are amazed by what kind of power he posseses. He
throws down the Rangers with no problem. The White Ranger falls down and
demorphs. Zenaku stalks Alyssa as her bright blue Elephant crystal rolls on
to the ground. Zenaku picks it up and claims his prize from the battle.
Alyssa screams for her Elephant Zord, but Zenaku warns them that next time,
he won't be so easy on them. Org: Vacuum Cleaner Org

Battle Of The Zords (04/13/02)

As Princess Shayla senses something is farmiliar about their latest enemy
Zenaku, the Rangers prepare to do battle with him again and reclaim the
Elephant crystal. They show up on the scene to do battle with, but Zenaku
reminds him of a previous claim he made to them to stay out of his forest.
The White Ranger demands her crystal back, but Zenaku refuses. Only the
Power Rangers can control the Wildzords, she tries to convince him. That's
when Zenaku brings out three mysterious crystals of his own. The Rangers
stand in shock as Zenaku puts them into his Cresent Blade and calls forth
his Dark Wildzords. Three Dark Wildzords come forth, a silver Wolf, a purple
Hammerhead Shark, and a green Alligator all come to Zenaku's command. The
Rangers call for their own Wildzords to battle them, but the Dark Wildzords
are too powerful. Once the Wildzords are defeated, Zenaku calls off his
Zords and repeats again for the Rangers not to mess with him. Later back at
the Animarium, Princess Shayla expresses her worries to the Rangers. The
Wildzords, which he calls dark, were once good Wildzords, but Zenaku is so
powerful that he has been able to make them evil. "Will he be able to make
my Elephant into one of his dark Wildzords?" Alyssa wonders.

Predazord Awaken (04/20/02)

As Max helps Alyssa search for the Elephant Wildzord, Jindrax and Toxica
plot to steal the rest of the Zord crystals. The Blue and White Rangers
discover an out of control bus, and they track it down on the Savage Cycles.
The White Ranger stops the bus to find out that there is no driver, but
plenty of passengers who were being held hostage by Jindrax and Toxica. They
demand them to hand over their crystals in order for them to free all the
hostages. In a fit of rage, the Blue Ranger throws his Giraffe crystal out
the window and tells them to fetch. Jindrax and Toxica take off with the
crystal and the two Rangers follow them. Meanwhile, the bus once full of
passengers evolves into Bus Org. The other Rangers are summoned to deal with
the Org. Meanwhile, with the help of the Black Ranger, the Rangers are able
to recover the lost Giraffe crystal. They assemble together to defeat Bus
Org with the Jungle Sword. Eventually, it takes the Wild Force Megazord
(Spear Mode) to destroy him. It appears that Zenaku is watching the battle
and calls for his Dark Wildzords. He calls for them to combine into the evil
Wild Force Predazord. The Predazord is too powerful for the Megazord with
its Predator Wave and first the Giraffe, then all the other Wildzords fall
to the ground. The Blue Ranger lies on the ground as he reaches out for his
Giraffe crystal. But just before he gets to it, Zenaku reaches down and
takes the crystal into his posession. The Blue Ranger watches in horror as
his Giraffe Zord is taken away by Zenaku. Org: Bus Org

Revenge Of Zenaku (04/27/02)

The Rangers do battle with Zenaku again. Once again, they engage in battle
Megazord Vs Predazord. Zenaku uses his evil to summon the Elephant and
Giraffe Wildzords to attack the Wild Force Megazord. Zenaku replaces the
Hammerhead Shark with the Giraffe to create the Wild Force Predazord (Spear
Mode). The Predazord (Spear Mode) attacks with the Cresent Spear and sends
the Wildzords to another defeat. Zenaku leaves enjoying his victory with his
new Wildzords. Later on the Animarium, As Princess Shayla's suspicions of
Zenaku begin to grow, she goes in search for answers with Taylor going with
her. They begin their search at the graveyard where Zenaku rose up. Shayla
notices something is not right when they notice another Org has been released
by Zenaku. It is Motorcycle Org, who Taylor remembers having to fight before.
On her first mission as the Yellow Ranger, she went up against Scooter Org.
Since she was unable to handle him, Shayla sealed him away with her magic.
With great dread, this Org has returned even more powerful than before as
Motorcycle Org. In the midst of the battle with Motorcycle Org, Zenaku
kidnaps Princess Shayla. Zenaku takes her to his cave, where he notices the
neckalace that she is wearing. This neckalace triggers disturbing memories
for him. "Where did you get that neckalace?" Zenaku demands to know.
"Someone very special gave it to me, long ago." Shayla responds. "I wear it
in memory of them." Zenaku has a flashback and sees someone dressed in white,
putting the neckalace around Shayla's neck. Zenaku is enraged by this memory,
for he doesn't know why he is having this memory. Just then, the Wild Force
Rangers show up to fight Zenaku. He sicks Motorcycle Org on them, which they
bring down with the Jungle Sword. Enraged, Zenaku calls upon his undefeated
Wild Force Predazord again. This time, the Rangers assemble the Wild Force
Kongazord in hopes of a better chance of defeating him. The Kongazord versus
the Predazord with Bear Blasters and Predator Wave. The two beams are equally
as strong and both Predazord and Kongazord are defeated this time. Zenaku
will not except defeat and tramples on the Rangers. Expecially the Yellow
Ranger who is determined to rescue the Princess. The other Rangers protect
Princess Shayla who is now free, but Zenaku throws Taylor to the ground as
she demorphs. The two Bear crystals roll out to the pavement below. Zenaku
laughs at the site of two crystals this time. He picks them up and takes
them away. Taylor is enraged that she let the Bears down. But in the midst
of her rage, she notices that Zenaku had been bleeding on the ground. His
blood is red like that of human blood. Org: Motorcycle Org

Identity Crisis (05/04/02)

On the Animarium, The Rangers gather together around a fire when they
remember that they must never give up. So they all decide to go after the
stolen Wildzords. When they encounter Zenaku, he activates the Wild Force
Predazord to battle their Wild Force Megazord. Zenaku uses his new Bear and
Polar Bear Wildzords to replace the Wolf and Hammerhead Shark Wildzords to
form the Wild Force Predazord (Double Knuckle Mode). The Predazord uses the
Double Knuckle Mode to attack the Megazord, when Zenaku encounters a vision
from a giant glowing Megazord in the sky. He tells Zenaku that he must
remember. Remember what? Later back at the Animarium, Princess Shayla
informs the Rangers that the spirit in the sky was Animus, the ancestor of
the Wild Force Megazord. But mysteriously enough, this Animus Megazord only
spoke to the six ancient warriors. Meanwhile, Nayzor and Master Org plot to
stop Zenaku from remembering. So Nayzor tricks Zenaku into having a spell
block his thoughts. If things weren't bad enough, the Lawn Mower Org is born.
But to everyone's disbelief, the Lawn Mower Org is destroyed by Zenaku.
Zenaku uses his Cresent Blade to destroy this Org. Jindrax and Toxica are
disgusted that he would destroy an Org on of his own kind. Zenaku begins to
have a lot of questions. But as the Rangers are starting to have suspicions
that Zenaku might be human, Princess Shayla finally relizes who he is. She
utters in disbelief, "Merrick!" Org: Lawn Mower Org

05/11/02: "The Ancient Warrior" Next time on Power Rangers Wild Force:
It has become apparently clear that Zenaku was once the sixth ancient
warrior, Merrick. Can the Rangers help break the curse of the wolf mask and
bring Merrick back? Note: Armadillo and Rhino Wildzords debut.